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Today, having online cloud storage is very reliable. It is better to have online cloud storage because you can access it anytime you want. Hitfile is the fastest way to get your files whenever and wherever you desire. You do not have to carry any flash drives or hard drives to get the files that you need. Our platform is for anyone that is looking for a file hosting business that gives high-class service.  

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There are many files hosting services on the web but Hitfile is the one that you are looking for. Furthermore, there are many advantages and benefits that Hitfile can give you. In this article, we will talk about what are the benefits that Hitfile can give you. Let’s get started!

About Hitfile

Hitfile is a file hosting service that keeps any varieties of files safe. It is a platform that provides storage space for all files. With this Hitfile, carrying any devices is not your problem anymore. Hitfile can be accessed anywhere and anytime by having internet. Also, our platform is still improving. We always update our servers and our security protocols for the safety of the users and their files. You can now upload it in a fast and easy process. Furthermore, the best here in Hitfile is that you can easily share your necessary files with any of your acquaintances. Stop worrying about having to download, upload, or share your files because we support having large files. 

Why utilize Hitfile?

Acquiring a Hitfile account can help you in so many ways. There are many benefits that you can get while having an account. As we said earlier, we always update our security protocols for all of the user’s safety. Security is one of the most important things that we always check, so you can guarantee that when keeping your files here, there will be no information that other people will get. 

Hitfile is very easy to use because the design of our platform is simple. We made this kind of layout so that users will understand it quickly and will not have a hard time trying to know how to use this program. Hitfile can provide up to 100 GB if you have a Hitfile Premium account, and with a free account, you can have 4GB storage capacity. Utilizing our platform can make your file storage life easy. 

Can you freely use Hitfile?

Of course, it is inevitable to have advertisements on platforms like this. Advertisements help us to provide a free Hitfile account. With the free account, you can get fewer features and benefits than with the Hitfile premium account. In a free account, speed, time, storage capacity, etc. are different than in a premium account. If you desire to have more features, then we suggest subscribing to Hitfile Premium. 


Our security is one of our priorities in making our platform very reliable. You can ensure that putting your personal information and other sensitive data will be safe here in Hitfile. You can put your own data without worrying that it will be stolen by other bad people. No matter what you put here is your personal Infos, about business and other important items it is reliable that it will not be lost and available to others who do bad things. Hitfile has become more popular from time to time because of the service that we are giving.

Another proof that our platform is very reliable when it comes to security is that we are here giving high standard services for everyone for years. We also have the latest technology for protecting our platform. In addition, sharing files and documents with another user will be easy and will not cause any issues in the process. 

Paying the bills here in the Hitfile is also safe and secured. We chose trustworthy payment options so that you will not be caught in any scams and illegal activities. You can guarantee that your payment will be delivered safely. 

Hitfile Premium Account

Hitfile Premium Account is so much better than the free account that Hitfile has. This version of our platform has many features that you can have. Hitfile Premium can get you more benefits. You will get what you pay for in this Hitfile premium. Our platform protects the users and the users’ data, especially with the premium account. The members of our platform are our top priority. We provide safe storage of files. 

In this Hitfile premium account, we provide faster speed in the uploading, downloading, and sharing process.  We keep your payments more secure. We also allow members to have any third parties download accelerators to get high speed in the process.

 Besides, the encryption technology that this premium account has is the latest and the most reliable technology so you can ensure that the premium account that you have been looking for is here in Hitfile. We also make sure that you will experience the best service in the premium account. We offer so many more bundles and features that only premium members can get.

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Hitfile only has two accounts that you can get, the free account and the premium account. Getting only a free account can obtain you limited features but subscribing to a Hitfile premium account can offer you advanced features. You can enjoy and be guaranteed in your files and documents.

Features of Hitfile Premium Account

Hitfile FeaturesFree AccountPremium Account
Downloading TimeSlower than in the premium accountQuick upload and downloading process.
Multiple DownloadsWe do not allow free account users to have multiple downloads at the same time.We allow premium members to have many downloads at the same time.
Downloads daily5 GB only per dayThe premium can offer you up to 25 GB of download storage a day.
Time of storage30 days90 days
Download ResumeNot allowed to resume the downloads.You can resume your downloads.
CaptchaYou have to submit a captcha because you are not a registered account.There is no captcha needed in the premium account.
  • Downloading Time: With the Premium Account, members can enjoy high-speed in the uploading, downloading, sharing process. It will not be a hassle for you in Hitfile premium. Also, we offer up to 1GB size of the file when uploading. Hitfile Premium will be helpful for some of you that want a fast process time and can help if you have to upload important files. 
  • Multiple Downloads: Downloading one file after another can really consume your precious time. In this premium account, we allow members to upload many files at the same time. 
  • Downloads daily: With a premium account, you can have up to 25 GB of data in downloading while free account users can only get 5GB of data. This can actually be helpful for anyone that wants to download files immediately.
  • Time o Storage: You can have your files to be stored for up to 90 days. Not like in free account, they have fewer days to have their files stored. We make sure to give you better services so that you can have your business or life without having problems with your files.
  • Download Resume: Of course, we allow premium members to have their files resumed after a failed or interrupted download process. It will be annoying if your downloading process stops and then you cannot resume it. It will be a waste of time for any users. Also, we let premium members download files after another so that it will not be a time-consuming process.
  • Captcha: We all know that it will be frustrating if you have to deal with captcha every time. But in this case, premium members can upload or download immediately anytime without dealing with captcha.
  • Easy Download: Free account users will have a nice service, but being premium users can get you more advantages. We offer an easy download so we can be productive. 
  • Storage: Security is one of our top priorities is making sure that our platform will be the best for you.  We ensure that the files that you upload can be accessed by you only. Besides, when sharing a certain file, he/she can have permission to see that file.

Hitfile Payment Methods

There are so many available payment options that Hitfile has. We chose very reliable payment options to prevent scams. There are many accessible payment options that we have, including major payment methods. We guarantee you that sending your payment will be safe and secured from any other illegal activities. 

The available payment options that we have are Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Webmoney, and Worldwide Resellers. We make sure that the guaranteed security of your money will be valid. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is Hitfile?

Hitfile is a file hosting service that keeps any varieties of files safe. It is a platform that provides storage space for all files. Worry not because you can access Hitfile anytime and anywhere with the Internet.

  • Can we benefit from Hitfile?

Acquiring a Hitfile account can help you in so many ways. There are many benefits that you can get while having an account. For example, you can save your precious time because of the given features that every account can have.

  • How to subscribe to Hitfile Premium Account?

Go to the website and register as a free account user. If you desire to obtain more advanced features, then you can get a premium account by clicking the button for getting the Hitfile premium and finishing up the required pieces of information.

  • Does Hitfile have a support system?

Yes, we have a support system that can receive your ideas, questions, and feedback. We respond instantly, so there is no need to be bothered about having difficulties in the platform

Hitfile Frequently Asked Questions


Overall, Hitfile can be useful in many ways, such as making your time more productive, securing your payments and files, and more. We make sure our platform provides the best service so you can experience what you deserve. We provide the latest and greatest encryption technology for your security. We offer a lot of great features for each account.

Subscribing to the Hitfile premium account is the best option if you want to get more benefits and advantages for you. We’re still improving, so we promise to have the best online cloud storage that you wish.

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